Carpet tiles information

When it comes to commercial carpet, the tile format could be the most beneficial option for a variety of businesses and requirements. Extensive benefits come with carpet tiles, and they can last over a decade with professional installation and regular care. Therefore, it's essential to consider this product line if you serve various clients who could be well-served by the materials, and here's more information for your consideration.

Carpet tile durability

One of the most beneficial characteristics of a carpet tile format is outstanding durability, which can give lifespans of 10 to 15 years. With professional installation and regular care, carpet squares perform well in various spaces, including offices, educational settings, and places of worship, to name only a few. Choose short, loop pile products that resist wear and ground-in debris better than most for the best results.

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Carpet tile visual appeal

Commercial carpet tiles have more visual options than most think possible, thanks to fiber, color, texture, and layout options for diverse results. It's easy to mix and match pieces to create unique, one-of-a-kind designs which match any décor or color scheme. Also, consider various tile size options, which can change the pattern of the carpet tiles, especially in smaller or larger areas.

Choosing the best commercial carpet

It's always best to start with a list of client requirements and preferences, which can lead directly to the perfect materials. It also saves time when shopping for the best materials for the job, as you can avoid those that don't match the need. For instance, if you need lifespans that exceed 10 years, only shop for product options that offer that specific benefit.
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A distributor you can trust

At Get Floored, we’re proud to turn around client orders in as little as 24 to 48 hours, with outstanding commercial carpet for every remodel, large or small. In addition, we deliver directly to your or your client's locations, so it’s never a concern as you plan your project and fulfillment options. Our services include flooring, underlayment, adhesives, trim, and other needs that provide a whole-service result.

We have a warehouse in Billerica, MA, which allows us to cater to clients in Boston, MA, Winchester, MA, Dover, MA, Weston, MA, and Wellesley, MA. You can contact us for advice, direction, and direct orders that meet your requirements. We look forward to providing all the options that help you fulfill orders for carpet tiles of any size.