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Cabinet Molding

At Get Floored LLC, we proudly serve various communities including Billerica, MA, Boston, MA, Winchester, MA, Dover, MA, Weston, MA, and Wellesley, MA. Our extensive range of cabinetry options goes beyond the basics, allowing you to customize your space with exquisite decorative details.

Crown molding is a popular choice to complete the look of kitchen or bath cabinets, providing a refined and finished appearance. For higher-end cabinet lines, we offer carved crown moldings with custom designs. These moldings can also be extended around the perimeter of the room to match the top of the cabinets, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

Matching moldings can be utilized to create vanity mirrors, adding a stylish finishing touch to the exposed mirror edges. Additionally, wall cabinet treatments, known as light rails, can be installed at the base of the top cabinet to achieve a more polished look or to conceal under cabinet lighting.

To add elegance and sophistication, consider incorporating corbels. These decorative elements are commonly found on islands and provide visual support for countertops that are thicker than standard ones. Turned posts can be used as table legs or halved and applied to island corners for added decoration. Similarly, pilasters, slightly projecting columns, can be built into or onto walls or cabinets for an elegant and refined look.

For a more decorative focal point, overlays can be added to areas such as the kitchen hood. Wainscot panels offer an opportunity to accentuate the cabinetry by installing them on the perimeter walls, either below the chair rail or as full wall coverings.

To create a furniture-like appearance or add dimension to specific areas, decorative feet are an excellent option. For instance, sink cabinets that extend past the line of the rest of the cabinets can be complemented with decorative feet. Island cabinets or those designed as china hutches can also benefit from decorative feet to enhance the furniture look. Discover a wide array of decorative feet and legs when you speak with our experts.

At Get Floored LLC, we understand the importance of attention to detail. Contact us today and let our knowledgeable team guide you in selecting the perfect decorative details to elevate your cabinetry and create a truly remarkable space.

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